Lately I have been thinking a lot about the rise of populism all over the world. It is not exclusive to Finland, the Netherlands or to the USA for that matter. Populist are in power practically everywhere. Wherever they go they create a mess that takes years to clean up. If we are so lucky that we can do it at all. That being the case why do people vote for them? Not because they have a moral upper hand. Most of these populist parties have a load of trash in them. Bigots, racists, thieves, frauds. The list is endless.

But one thing they have in common. They make people feel important. They fly nationalistic colors and say "we put our own people first". No one else does that. We know it is not realistic, but then again it does not need to be. The 'solutions' (this word should really be between quotes) they offer are cheap and impractical, but who cares? Not them!! Well, I care! That's why I have been looking for means to bring people complaints to the local authorities. I found it at . I have adopted the methods it uses for Lounais Häme (Forssa, Tammela, Urjala, Humppila, Jokioinen). Other cities are for now excluded until the site is more developed. I also need some help to translate it to Finnish. So volunteers are welcome.

In any case I welcome you all the new site . Feedback is appreciated!!!