I write this blog to all people who love their freedom and democracy. I write it because there is a danger that we are giving up on what’s most precious to us. I know people are angry with the way politicians are treating them. Once in 4 years we can vote. Once it’s over we seem to be forgotten. The elite can divide the loot when there is something to be divided or throw the debt to us when they fail in their position. A sense of responsibility towards society? It’s hidden in a deep dark corner of the cellar. We like to kick the system. We like to put a wrench in the wheels, so that it can no longer hurt us. Than we select the biggest bully to put those regents in line. You are nothing, you are fired!

And that is as history shows us a big mistake. I am not scared of comparing any bully to Hitler or Stalin, but there is maybe no need. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Some more disastrous than another, but never good. I can make a long list. Pol pot (Cambodia) had this idea that a purely agricultural society was paradise. Kill the clerks, kill the doctors, kill the teachers, kill the elite. Until the very foundation of society was undermined. Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Venezuela, initially a democracy, became in 1999 a socialist ideal state when the populist Hugo Chavez was elected. Now the economy has gone down the drain so much that the government is resorting to more and oppression to keep itself in power. Berlusconi, a right wing populist, had in 1994 no agenda but to save his business empire. Everything was second to that. To keep himself out of the hands of the judges many laws were rewritten that serve mafia members quite nicely. He also left Italy with a debt that still dragging down the economy, not to mention the eurozone.

You can say. That’s not us! We are different! We are better! But sorry, I can’t believe that. Every country has it black pages. For the Netherlands it’s the things we did in Indonesia, for the Finns it’s their civil war (Or should I call it independence war). There is no nation that has not done anything to be ashamed of. So we are definitely not better!

Having established that we are sinners is there hope for change? Yes, there is. We have to trust ourselves. We don’t have to listen to the bullies, much less vote them into power. We have to empower ourselves. Come out of your comfort zone. Take part in the democracy. Go to meetings. Speak your mind and take responsibilty. The true enemy of democracy is to sit on your ass and let it be.