JosHi, my name is Jos Helmich. I was born in 1965 in Rotterdam (Netherlands). After living in Den Helder and Hoogeveen I moved to Groningen to study Econometrics at the University of Groningen. I became a master of science in January 1993 with specialty Mathematical Economics. After doing for 3 years some voluntary jobs I moved back to Rotterdam and started my IT career there. 

When I met Kaija we moved to Perth (Australia) for one year. We worked at the University of Western Australia. Kaija as a researcher, I as assistant. Later  I was tutor of computer graphics. After returning to Finland I have worked as embedded software engineer in an electronics firm. Mostly I have done projects for Valtra. A world wide well known Finnish tractor manufacturer. I have been working especially much on both the monochrome and the colour armrest for the versu and direct models.

color displayMeanwhile I have been actively involved in the "Dutch Association in Finland" as general member, editor of the club magazine, webmaster and chairperson. I was the chairman of Lounais Hämeen Kirjanystävät. The literature club of Forssa and surroundings. I am interested in the cultural life here, and have written a blogi on Bulevardi and I was involved with Kulttuuriyhdistys Kuvio. I have build a site to promote culture and tourism for the municipalities that fall within the triangle Helsinki-Turku-Tampere.  Now I work at Konecranes in Hyvinkää. I am member of the ENISA Advisory Group. That's a group that gives strategic advice to the management board of the cybersecurity agency of the EU. Since october 2018 I am webmaster of the Finnish "Right to die" association Oikeus Arvokkaaseen Kuolemaan Ry (Formerly Exitus Ry). I have helped to bring along the petition for an euthanasia law to parliament