Some weeks ago I introduced you to Dutch winter foods. The kind that involves roots and potatoes. However there is also a goodie-goodie class. The one that goes with coffee and desserts. Today I will discuss “appelbol” (omenatmunkki) and “amandelstaaf” (mantellipatukka). Although I will give here some standard recipes, keep in mind that variations are possible. Dutch people like their traditions, but also like a change at times. In both recipes below I use Almond stuffing (mantellimassa). You can buy that in the shop or make it yourself. However, take into account that if you make it yourself it has to be kept for a week to get the best result.

Mantellimassa (skip this if you buy it in the shop)

You need peeled almonds (100 gram unsalted). If you have unpeeled almonds you can remove the peelings by cooking them and wash them off in cold water (use a siivilä). Crush the almonds in a food-processor. Add sugar. Crush again. Add half a whipped egg and peeling of a lemon skins. Knead the mass. Add some lemon juice. Knead again. When ready put it in a wrap and leave it in the fridge for one week.


AppelbolBefore you start. Get a pealing knife and a core remover (siemenkodanpoistaja). Make some egg yolks ready in a small bowl. Preheat the oven at 175c. Peal the apples and remove the cores. Sprinkle the apples with a little sugar. This prevents them from getting brownish.

Make the filling. Now here you have some choice. I usually buy almond stuffing (mantelimassa) and mix it with some butter. You can add nut pieces or raisins (soaked in cognac) if you want, or omit the mantelimassa if you don't like it. Just don't put pure butter. It will be too much. It will just melt and spread. Put the filling in the apple hole. Sprinkle the apple with cinnamon (kaneli). Wrap the Lehtitaikina tightly around it. Smear the egg yolk over the Lehtitaikina wrap. This is not strictly necessary, but it wll make the surface more shiny.Put them in the oven. Wait about 20 minutes. Check if they look nicely brownish. If so you can take them away. Serve warm with the coffee.

The omenatmunkki you can keep at room temperature for a couple of days. Nice additions are whipped cream or vanilla sauce.

Base ingredients

  • Apples (take ones that are both sweet and sour)
  • Puff pastry (Lehtitaikina, the ones used for Tähtitorttu)
  • Cinnamon (Kaneli)
  • Sugar (Sokeri)
  • Some eggs (Kanamunat)

Filling ingredients

  • Butter (Voi)
  • Almond stuffing (Mantellimassa)
  • Nut pieces (Pähkinät)



Before you start. Make some egg yolks ready in a small bowl. Preheat the oven at 175c. Put the mantellimassa in a bowl and add whipped eggs. Mix this with a fork. Make as many ”sauva” as you need. Wrap the lehtitaikina around the ”patukka”. Press on the sides to close them up. Put them on a oven plate with the seam downwards. Like before, smear the egg yolk over the surface. Put some halved almonds on top of it (Optional). Put them in the oven for about half an hour. Let them cool down a little the filling is hot.


  • Puff pastry (Lehtitaikina, the ones used for Tähtitorttu)
  • Almond stuffing (Mantellimassa)
  • Some eggs (Kanamunat)
  • Halved almonds (Mantelli)