redcurrantIts Monday morning. Beautiful weather. Time to pick the berries. We have a lot of red currant in the garden. Sun is shining, hat on and I go for it. It's peaceful until I hear a lawn mower in the distance. It's noise is dull. The distance muffles it. I tune it out. To the background where it belongs, but not long after a second noise starts. It's the neighbor this time. She is a thoroughly anti-dust person so vacuum cleaning takes about 3 hours. A steady whine that cats hate so much comes from the house. I sigh, unwilling to give up yet. Should I stop berry picking? Chances are that some time later things will be better. I sigh again. Well there is enough to do inside. Let's do it later!

Some time later I sit down again. The berries look good. Everything is peaceful. However my joy does not last long. Another neighbor discovered the joys of the lawn mower. Weather like this seems to attract it. My neighbor is half an hour into his job when another starts. It's like epidemics. One noise begets another. There is also the gently whine of circle saw. The lovely brrruum of the carting races. You can have all these joyful sounds of activity right in your garden. The air force makes my joy complete. They put some stripes in a cloudless sky. I am going to inspect my lawn mower.