Ride-for-a-life-timeThe things you have to do for a good purpose these days. Two Dutch fathers started this summer a tour with a freight bicycle from Amsterdam to Helsinki in order to collect money for children with cancer. Having both lost a child to cancer it is understandable they wanted to do something. But why exactly that? They said it just popped up in their head. One had a freight bicycle that he wanted to bring to Finland. So why not? Indeed why not. When the news spread on facebook it was hard to resist sharing the news for such a good purpose. After all these things have a high emotional value so who can be against? Reason enough for many celebrities to put on their best face and throw support to the action. Another action going around at the moment is the ALS ice bucket challenge. Throw an ice bucket on your head, publish the movie on FB and/or donate money to your nearest ALS fund. It works because

  • it is crazy enough,
  • it is something anyone can do, and
  • you are a popular guy when you do it.

rock_on_the_head_challengeFollow these three criteria and your action will be successful. As for myself. I am never one to follow hypes. Yes, I will give money to a good purpose. Yes, cancer and ALS are terrible diseases. I don't need my awareness raised to see that. I just hope that the societies we live in are also taking their responsibility. Our researchers need money to combat cancer. Our hospitals need to be equipped to handle whatever terrible disease. Our doctors need to be qualified. We should not forget that one action does not make it good. So next time when you are asked to hit your spouse on the head for charity remember the heroes of medical science who in the front lines doing the real work. If you feel compelled to do a good deed, transfer money to Aamusaatio: FI05 1562 3000 1342 56, ride for a lifetime Lihastautiliitto: FI17 1590 3000 2011 50, viitenumero: 112448. Or simply support the red cross http://www.punainenristi.fi/ No need to brag about it.


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